RELEASE: Don Bolduc condemns Biden Administration for lack of support in Israel

Manchester, NH – Over the last 2 weeks, the Iranian-backed Hamas terror organization has fired more than 4,000 rockets into Israel. With tensions rising, little has come from the Biden Administration regarding the conflict. 

“I fully support Israel. As a national security expert I know how important our relationship is with Israel,” said Don Bolduc, retired General in the U.S. Army and candidate for U.S. Senate. “The Biden Administration must fully support Israel politically, diplomatically, economically, and with any military support that is requested.  We must work with Middle East partners to deliver this message to Iran and Hamas. A clear message must be sent to China, Russia, and North Korea to stay out.”

Don Bolduc went on to call for support on both sides of the aisle.“This must be a bi-partisan effort. Iran, Hamas and anyone else in the region and across the world, must know we stand with Israel,” said Bolduc. “This is not about the Palestinians. They are not the enemy of Israel. The Palestinians are victims too.  It is about Hamas, a violent extremist organization backed by Iran.”
“Our message must be clear and strong: If you mess with Israel you mess with us.”


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