RELEASE: Don Bolduc Stands with Israel

Manchester, NH – In the past 24 hours there have been missiles fired into Jerusalem from the terrorist organization, Hamas. Hamas is recognized by both the United States and Israel as a terrorist organization. 

The Biden Administration is not doing enough for Israel. The festering tensions, uncertainty, and recent missile strikes in that area of the world are manifestations of U.S. indecisiveness and poor foreign policy. 

“Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East. There should be no question about that. President Biden is actively undermining our relationship with Israel. He supports the poorly negotiated Iran Nuclear Deal and continues to leave our Israeli allies with less and less support,” said Don Bolduc, candidate for U.S. Senate and retired General in the U.S. Army. “Say what you want about former President Trump, but he was correct on foreign policy in the Middle East. Stop endless wars, invest in the Abraham Accords, be decisive on the foreign policy objectives, and back Israel up.”


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