RELEASE: Bolduc: Lack of U.S. Leadership Attributed to Fall of Afghanistan

New Hampshire – Brigadier General (U.S. Army, Ret.), makes the following statement on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan:

“As the state of Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, we should watch those we chose to represent us in Washington, D.C. for leadership. As a former Army General, it frustrates me to witness a lack of responsibility from our current Administration and elected officials. From the invasion to the withdrawal, our service members aggressively deterred terror in the Middle East. Our military defeated the Taliban and al Qaeda, established a government, created a military and police force, established schools, clinics, and small businesses. They prevented another terrorist threat to our Homeland, but most importantly, they brought freedom to the Afghan people.”

My point is clear: the lack of response and weak leadership from elected officials such as President Biden and the Democrats is what caused this problem. Our service men and women deserve better. The Afghan people deserve better. The United States must act quickly–and strategically–to stop Taliban rule and ensure the Afghan people have a chance to live freely and peacefully in their own country.”

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