Economic environment has to promote free market competition

I believe the healthiest economic environment is one that promotes free market competition.

Too many members of Congress embrace the term “lawmakers” and base success on the passage of needless legislation that stifles the growth of business and allows deep-pocketed corporations to rig the system against small business and start-ups. Under no circumstances should the federal government be in the business of picking winners and losers. Let’s leave it to the individual states to properly legislate the industries that impact local economies. Without skin in the game, blanket over-regulation stymies job growth and inhibits innovation.

I believe adhering to free-market principles will spur competition across economic sectors. A competitive marketplace + smaller government = lower taxes and increased consumer spending. This creates an environment that’s attractive to business.  It’s the circle of economic life. The federal government’s role should be limited to reasonable oversight of issues involving public safety and fair trade. Otherwise, as your senator, I see it as my job to keep Washington DC out of New Hampshire’s path to prosperity.

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