The ACA is a bureaucratic mess that is designed and destined to collapse

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many Republicans have campaigned on the message of “repeal and replace.” They have gotten it half right. The ACA is a bureaucratic mess that is destined to collapse under its own weight.

Hard working citizens continue to shell out far too much money for health care that is difficult to access and lacks in quality. Insurance companies are calling the shots, and that is wrong. Health care decisions lie between you and your doctor.

Unfortunately, we have failed to create a common-sense plan to replace the ACA. The model needs to change. People should be able to feel confident in shopping for services based on the quality of care and affordability. Why should the free market principle be absent in health care? It shouldn’t. If providers want to attract business, that should be done by offering a better product and an affordable cost structure. This will improve patient outcomes and return a sense of personal responsibility in the most important area of our lives: our health.

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